Best in class solutions that cover every air compressor application on the market.

NSF H1 Certified, Halal and Kosher certified solutions to meet special demands in food production.

A wide array of solutions tailored to work in hydrocarbon and process gas streams.


Representing a diverse group of lubricant technologies and solutions to provide industry leading, high performing fluids for the Industrial sector, Tribricity focuses on common applications including air and gas compression, vacuum pump, and operations requiring certified food grade solutions.

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Tribricity is committed to providing you with the highest quality products, innovative services and a dedicated team of professionals. Our team is focused on delivering an extraordinary customer experience as we help you maximize the success of your business.

The Tribricity team is here to help provide support and is readily available to answer your questions. For your convenience you can contact us online or via phone. Onsite consulting services are available upon request.

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