Specialty Gas Compressor Lubricants

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Hydrocarbon Gas Applications

Selecting the proper lubricant for your hydrocarbon gas processing application requires a deep understanding of all the variables.  Gas dilution is affected by the gas stream, temperature, and pressure.  These factors make it difficult to select the lubricant best suited for the application.  Tribricity has access to proprietary software technology that can calculate the expected gas dilution (based on specific criteria).  This enables our team to narrow down the proper lubricant and estimate the necessary working viscosity at the bearings.

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Process Gas Applications

When choosing a lubricant for process gas applications, the type of gas must be considered. Process gases can be divided into two categories – inert gases & reactive gases.  The main concern (for either type) is not centered around hydrocarbon dilution, but rather with the chemical reactivity of the gas with the lubricant.  It is crucial to ensure gas purity downstream is to avoid catalyst poisoning and guarantee continuous operation.


Customized Lubricant Recommendations

Specialty gas processing applications are uniquely challenging and require proper technical consulting to select the best lubricant.  Tribricity is ready to discuss your gas processing application needs and provide the best lubricant for the situation.  Please provide our team with your information and we will contact you to discuss a consultation.